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Ionic Shower Head
Ionic Shower Head
Ionic Shower Head
Ionic Shower Head
Ionic Shower Head
Ionic Shower Head

Ionic Shower Head


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Tired of low water pressure while showering? Our Ionic Shower Head is the answer.

The Ionic Shower Head has revolutionized the industry with its innovative technology. It's been engineered to increase water pressure by up to 200% compared to traditional shower heads.

Enjoy a spa experience right at home. The Ionic Shower Head comes with 3 different modes to choose from - rainfall, massage, and jet. Each mode is distinct and provides a unique shower experience, meaning the ionic shower head can cater to everyone's personal preferences.

You might be wondering what those orange and brown balls in the shower head do. This is where the magic of the shower head happens. The Ionic Shower Head contains bioactive mineral balls which purify water and remove unnecessary and harmful chemicals. They will transform your tap water into natural, spring-like water that will leave your skin feeling both clean and hydrated. 

Finally, the Ionic Shower Head will save you money and save the environment. It's designed to save up to 30% more water compared to traditional shower heads. Not only are you going to have better showers, but you will also be saving money each shower compared to before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shower head fit my shower?

Yes, the shower head is the same size as a traditional shower head from a popular manufacturer. It will have no issue fitting onto your existing shower. You simply can screw it onto any shower hose.

Are the ionic mineral balls included?

Yes, they are included in every order.

How often should I replace the mineral balls?

We recommend you replace them every 12 months. You can contact us if you have any issues here.

How do I switch modes?

There's a small switch on the shower head you turn to change modes.